Yuusuke Ageishi

This track is a remake by Yusuke Shioya and Tomoya Ageishi based on a soundtrack created in 2017 by Shioya and Ageishi, who specialize in hardware-driven track creation using eurorack and other MIDI instruments from the 90s. The combination of Yusuke, who specializes in hardware-driven track creation with eurorack at the core, and Ageishi, who composes exclusively with Ableton Live, creates a unique sound that is timeless, universal, and resonant at once house, techno, and Balearic.


Both instrumentalists based in Tokyo, they have been working together for over 20 years.
Based on each other’s sounds, they create music by repeating arrangements over and over again, 
only communicating through video sessions and the Internet.
This is a method of music production that was born only in today’s age of distance.

Yusuke Shioya

An electronic musician/DJ, he started his career in the Tokyo metropolitan area after being taught DTM by Kunihiko Hatanaka at a certain place in Tokyo before the millennium.

His sound style is strongly influenced by the rave scene of the late 1980’s and 1990’s, and his main focus is “Electronic Music,” which is trancey, experimental, and improvised with electronic instruments.